Ten Things to Consider When Choosing a Luxury RV

The modern road trip provides a sense of adventure and ease from journey to destination, but choosing the right luxury RV is key. Whether you are purchasing your first or looking for your fifth, ensure you get exactly what you need to maximize your experience. Here are 10 things that Marathon Coach suggests you consider when choosing a luxury RV.

1. How sound is the overall structure?

 The safety of our clients is key. We, in partnership with Prevost, produce the strongest, safest and most durable bus conversion shell built specifically for the RV industry. Because the Prevost coach was designed for the business of transporting people hundreds of miles each and every day for years on end, its structure is durable with a longevity missing from the typical RV. The stainless-steel, fully-welded integral construction, reduces noise as well as expansion and contraction problems, plus it adds significantly to a coach’s stability and safety. Prevost’s “zero tolerance” system of assembling its welded components ensures perfect alignment while welding the stainless structure. The composites and stainless siding, not aluminum, make for lasting durability that is both structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing. Few, if any, RV companies have seen their vehicles reach, much less exceed, the two million mark. Prevost has. That is what you get with a Prevost coach, a tried and true pedigree that has proven itself over years and over miles.

2. How many engineers are supporting your high-tech coach?

The electrical system is the brain and backbone of your coach, so quality matters, especially where wiring is concerned. With a foundation based on an electrical engineering plan, thorough documentation, easy accessibility and system redundancy, we ensure that you have what you need through every phase of your coach’s life. For Marathon’s team of 12+ engineers and 24 electricians, good is never good enough. When it comes to the quality and outstanding performance of your coach’s wiring, they are uncompromising in their pursuit of greatness. Visionary in nature, their approach and philosophies stem from a desire for resolute reliability, ease of customer use and long-term integration.

3. What is hidden behind the walls?

We invite you to look behind the walls to see the difference. Yes, the wiring is neatly done, but there is more than that. It is highly functional, planned, organized and serviceable, even decades down the road. With the infrastructure engineered and documented, you can bring in your 20-year-old coach and we will still have the plans, making your improvement or repair simple and safe. You may have noticed our ceiling designs are created to be remarkable, but did you know they have also been specially created to allow access to the wiring systems? Every single bell cap and junction box is always accessible, and that is not all. There are hidden panels installed throughout the coach to provide easy access behind the walls when needed. For example, unlike some coaches where a surface may have to be partially demolished to allow access, in a Marathon it may be as simple as removing a shelf in the half bath or pulling out a drawer in the kitchen. With every wire neatly labeled and every detail mapped out in the master plan, there is never any guesswork.

4. Is it truly customized?

 When you order a custom designed coach, you have the opportunity to choose everything from the floorplan to the fabrics. Whether you choose one of Marathon’s diverse floorplans or work with the experienced engineering team to design your own, you can enjoy unsurpassed luxury as you vacation, conduct business, provide transportation or entertain guests or clients in your custom-outfitted coach, fully equipped to provide a comfortable environment for family living and entertainment or for corporate use. We understand that people have different hobbies and lifestyles, so when a customer has an idea for a custom coach, Marathon listens and tries to accommodate any request – no matter how unusual. From creating stairs to a basement office or spaces for grandkids and pets to installing wine cellars and bidets, ideas for custom coaches are only limited by one’s imagination. For example, inside the coach, customers have requested 14-karat, gold-plated sinks and valances, crib and playpen, heated towel bars, a bird cage and treadmill. Our professional engineering, interior design and exterior paint departments have the experience, knowledge and resources to implement your unique vision. We have unparalleled skill and expertise in building the most complex, technologically advanced coaches on the road today.

5. Is it a sound investment?

Marathons hold their value. With a coach built to travel more than a million miles, at 60,000 miles coaches are just broken in. When it comes to depreciation, with a Marathon, depreciation on a percentage basis is usually quite a bit less than a standard luxury class A RV. This is partly due to the custom nature and our overall lower production volume versus the growing demand for the product.

6. What kind of craftsmanship goes into it?

We believe it is important to craft every part of your coach correctly, even if you can not see it. From the aircraft-style wiring behind the walls to the hand-scribed cabinetry to each and every ceiling treatment and more. For instance, did you know that a skilled team of Marathon craftspeople custom builds each sofa for every luxury coach from scratch? Marathon Coach provides its valued customers with the finest and most well-crafted designer furniture in the industry. The residential-style sofas are custom built using the highest quality of wood and fabric materials available. In addition, the flexibility of building to suit allows Marathon’s customers to choose from an array of standard designs and virtually any color or style of fabric. Our exceptional and unique paint designs are also created by hand, produced by the nation’s finest exterior paint artisans. Our modern facility houses four full-service painting booths, making it one of the largest of its kind in the U.S. Doing everything in-house gives us complete control of the entire process from the prep and body work to the design and color creation. From top to bottom, Marathon bus conversions are unmatched for quality and style. Every department creates and produces the most exclusive RV in the industry.

7. What kind of space do you need?

Whether choosing an H3-45 or an X3-45, Marathon coach owners know they will have abundant basement storage for whatever they need. Some select the H3-45 for its contemporary lines and full body paint – others choose it because it offers approximately 500 cubic feet storage and conversion space. Of course, those who decide on the classic styling of the X3-45 with its polished stainless-steel sides enjoy the highest interior headroom as well as an ample 400+ cubic feet of storage space. Although the dimensions vary depending on the type of coach, the space underneath can be transformed in a variety of interesting ways, from installing wine coolers and freezers to storage cabinets and closets. The ways to personalize your experience are endless. Plus, Marathon’s team of engineers think through your entire exterior design. For example, on new quad-slide coaches, the 55-inch bay TV will pull out of bay two and swing in front of bay three. Why is this important? Bay three houses the audio/video equipment rack. This means if you have entertainment items – outdoor refrigerators, barbecues and the like – your large screen television is not going to block access. Flip that burger or grab that cold beverage, because you have everything right where you need it. Although it sounds simple, you might be surprised at how many luxury RVers have to actively work around their outdoor entertainment bays. In addition to ensuring client convenience, Marathon “finishes” the bays, covering all utility items. Not only are we safety conscious, we want you to be proud of every aspect of your coach; leave your bays open – they look that good.

8. How are you going to use it?

  Those who choose Marathon span the gamut. Those with lots in luxury RV resorts, staying in the same area for long periods of time, for example, tend to appreciate quad-slide floorplans with augmented space. Others who actively travel the U.S. often find double or triple slides a better fit because they can more easily traverse the coach with the slides in. As a result of Prevost’s patented system, these bus conversions provide more square footage and include more slides without taking away from the ample storage space below, which has more than any other type of motor home. Whether you are into golfing or racing, cooking or art, Marathon’s engineers can create an ideal space for you. Of course, there is more to life than where you are going. If you travel with large dogs or small children, designers can guide you in selecting ideal fabric and flooring materials. If you entertain often, additional accommodations can be worked into your custom plan. Perhaps you are a dry camper, cold-weather camper or desert dweller: Thoughtfully designed and expertly executed, your luxury coach will have the tools you need to maximize your experience.

9. Do you appreciate a good back-up plan?

We believe in redundant systems and excellent plan Bs. For example, Marathon Coach intentionally designed the food grade stainless-steel water manifold system to simplify the coach experience. With each fixture having its own individual shut-off valve, should there ever be an emergency situation, coach owners can easily shut water off to the affected area, yet maintain water service in the rest of the coach. Since all waterlines are seamless, with no elbows or joints, directly running from the manifold in the water bay to the appropriate appliance or fixture creates less potential for water leaks. Another example is the Jump Start feature, which was designed to combine the charged house batteries with the depleted coach batteries so you can jump start your coach pack. Even if both your coach and house batteries are depleted, the system can combine the generator power as well, getting you back on the road in no time. These are just a couple of ways Marathon ensures your every coach experience is memorable for all the right reasons.

10. What kind of service are you looking for?

 Marathon continues to cater to our owners’ interests long after a coach is purchased with personalized service, repair and remodeling available at our three locations across the country and with Marathon Coach mobile service. A specialized technical support staff is readily available for troubleshooting or to ask questions. In addition, after-hours support is available for emergency situations. The same design and engineering staff that create new one-of-a-kind coaches for our valued clients are available for upgrades and remodeling. This ensures that the same detailed attention is given to our clients at any stage of their coach’s long life. Whatever your coach needs, Marathon is committed to providing the exceptional service you deserve.

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