Temsa is Ready to Grow in North America With Its New Organization

Having included North America into its priority growth markets upon the Sabancı Holding – PPF Group (Skoda Transportation) partnership, Temsa has come together with its customers and associates in the region at the Open House event held at its office in Florida on April 21, 2021. The TS 30, TS 35, and TS 45 model vehicles developed specifically for the North American market by Temsa were exhibited at the event.

Immediately after entering into the partnership of Sabanci Holding – PPF Group (Skoda Transportation) in October 2020, Temsa has made North America one of the priority growth markets with its new organization. Temsa shared the company’s future plans with its business partners at its Open House event at the company’s Florida location, while presenting its tailor-made vehicles to U.S. market.

Exhibiting TS 30, TS 35, TS 45 model vehicles, which are game-changer models in the market with their design that prioritizes comfort and low fuel consumption, Temsa offered its customers and operators of the region the opportunity to experience the vehicles as a shuttle service in the event area. They received thumbs up from the customers and operators who tested them.

Now Much Stronger

Temsa’s CEO Tolga Kaan Doğancıoğlu, commented; “With our new partnership structure, we continue to build a strong presence in global markets. North America is among the top priority markets in Temsa’s future plans. By combining the experience we have gained here with the strength and knowledge of our new organization, we will bring a much more effective Temsa to our customers in North America. As Temsa, we rely heavily on our production power, design capability and, above all, our people-oriented approach. In this market, where we operate today with 1,000 vehicles, Temsa will be in a much stronger position in the near future.”

Adding that the first customer event he attended in foreign markets as Temsa CEO was the Open House in Florida, Doğancıoğlu added, “This is actually an indicator of our view of the North American market with our new organization. From now on, we will be in closer contact with our business partners in the region, and we will use their expectations and demands to create a much stronger Temsa.”

Our Biggest Priority is Better Customer Service

Fatih Kozan, Temsa North America country director, highlighted the fact that they always prioritize customer experience and added, “At the point we have reached at today, the task of manufacturers is to not only produce the vehicles requested from them but also provide tailor-made solutions to its customers and look for ways to render that experience better every day. This is our top priority as Temsa. We address customer experience in a very wide range of areas, from the development of vehicles complying with the conditions of the market, to sales processes, from after-sales services to satisfaction surveys. We keep improving our-selves in these areas continuously. These events we organize are also a reflection of our point of view.”

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