Irizar USA at UMA

Irizar USA was very glad to participate in the United Motorcoach Association Motorcoach Expo 2021 that took place in Orlando, Florida. After a challenging year for the entire industry, it is observed that activities are beginning to pick up bringing new hopes and energy. With hopes that the worst of the situation is behind us, it is ready to support the market and the restart of customer activities. Along with this renewed enthusiasm, the team is elated to be participating in the first physical industrial event in the United States in hopes of creating cooperation and synergy to fit to the “new normal.”

For a safer and sustainable future, Irizar has been committed to create and develop new and different solutions related to Covid-19. The Eco 3 air purifier, a certified solution that eliminates viruses including the Sars-Cov-2 virus and many other microorganisms, germs and allergens, has been a revelation in the industry with its 99.7 percent efficiency. Irizar also has other solutions such as the temperature sensor, seat divider, etc. that have provided a safer means to everyone to travel and was elated to be presenting this revolutionary technology in the Expo as well.

Irizar’s USA’s team has been reinforced with two more additions – Kevin Keith and Patrick Laffan. With more than 26 years of experience, Keith is based in Orlando, Florida and has wide and extensive knowledge of the industry in the Southeastern United States and will be serving this region and beyond. Similarly, Laffan has been in the industry for more than 18 years and has deep knowledge of the industry with both sales and technical aspects. He is based in Connecticut and will be serving the Northeastern market for Irizar.

Irizar USA has also reached agreements with several service centers throughout the country for continued support and service. Irizar USA ensures the commitment from the company to be by the side of their customers is honored and together, along with their existing team; the company is proud to offer their customers superlative aftersales service and is confident that with its stronger team and network, it will be able to provide their customers with unmatched customer service and support.

Irizar has continued to innovate and has been closer than ever to its clients, adapting to everyone’s new realities, stronger with the commitment of its people, who today more than ever have demonstrated the values that define the company and its mission.

The team is ready to work together with all the operators in the industry to uplift and encourage the activities in a safer environment. Irizar USA would also like to thank all the partners in the industry for their support and efforts in the past year; it is only with combined efforts that things can be turned around for all. The company believes in cooperative efforts and together, the challenges this pandemic has brought can be faced and was very excited to be with and support the industry again at the UMA Expo 2021.

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