Barons Bus Invests in Motor Coach Air Purification system using UV Lights from NFI Parts™

NFI Parts™, the parts subsidiary of NFI Group Inc. (“NFI”), one of the world’s leading independent bus manufacturers, has received an order from Barons Bus for 51 UV Light Kits to be installed on their entire fleet of MCI J4500 motor coaches.

            NFI Parts’ UV Lighting system works to reduce bacteria, viruses and mold in the HVAC system; creating a safer and more comfortable experience for passengers. The UV Lighting system mounts inside the ductwork and sanitizes air with UV light and does not produce pollution or use harmful chemicals. UVC lights have been used to sanitize hospitals, operating rooms, doctors’ offices, medical equipment, residential spaces, etc. for many years.

            “At NFI Parts we always want to ensure we are offering a diverse variety of products to support customer needs,” said Scott Robertson, vice president of customer service. “Barons Bus expressed interest in our Clean and Protect offerings and through cooperative investigation of their needs and possible solutions we jointly came to the decision that UVC light would best help accomplish their goals.” Robertson further explained “We sourced a robust, commercial grade approach for motor coaches selecting a product with the UVC wavelength; little to no maintenance is required, and it will automatically turn on with the HVAC system. The investment clearly demonstrates that Barons Bus is taking extra steps to ensure that their motor coaches remain the safest mode of passenger transportation.”

            A family-owned bus transportation service, Barons Bus is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio and is owned and operated by the Goebel family, who have been in the bus transportation industry for more than 30 years. The former owners of Lakefront Lines, the Goebel family started Barons Bus in 2012, focusing on purchasing only safe, reliable, clean, and comfortable buses. This philosophy has continued as Barons Bus has grown from 5 buses to 51 today. Service has expanded to include bus charters, bus tickets at 95+ stops, the College Connection service offering campus transportation and school bus transportation. Barons Bus prides itself on safety and customer service and was the recipient of the 2019 Metro Magazine Motorcoach Operator of the Year Award.

            “Barons’ number one priority is safety. We pride ourselves on offering new and late model buses with the latest safety features,” said John Geobel, vice president of Barons Bus. “We want every rider to know we are doing everything we can to provide the safest ride for them. This investment in UVC as well as FAR UV lighting is part of our larger efforts to ensure everyone’s safety.”

            Customers riding on Barons Bus are currently required to wear masks, which are being provided by Barons for free. Barons Bus’ official statement on cleaning and safety protocols can be found at

            “Our motor coaches are cleaned and sanitized daily by our service team. All hard surfaces are cleaned with an EPA approved Lysol disinfectant,” continued Geobel. “We have increased the frequency of sanitizing surfaces that people regularly come in contact with including: windows and window sills, all hand rails, arm rests, driver steering wheel, dash area, head rests, restroom door handles, overhead compartment handles, and any other hard surface on the vehicle. We have also installed hand sanitizing dispensers on every motor coach. Utilizing the technology offered by NFI Parts and FAR UV, face masks and daily cleaning protocols make traveling by motor coach a safe and affordable option.”

            The strong partnership between NFI Parts and its supply network has resulted in inventory on these high demand items to be available for purchase. Due to the popularity of the Clean and Protect products, customers are encouraged to reach out to their NFI Parts customer service representative as quickly as possible to minimize lead times.

            For more details on UV Lighting Kits or other offerings in the NFI Parts Clean and Protect line, please visit:

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