New Irizar Distributor

To reinforce its commitment to this market, Irizar created its own company last year  Irizar USA LLC – which is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company is already well positioned to carry forward the distribution and aftersales support of the Irizar i6 motorcoach by recruiting the well-qualified team members that have been a part of the initial step of introducing the Irizar brand to the market.

Irizar USA will move forward with the marketing, sales and support of the Irizar i6 motorcoach, a 45-foot long integral luxury motorcoach, but a new phase will nowstart with renewed enthusiasm. Irizar is a world-class leading coach manufacturer with 130 years of experience with more than 3,500 employees, and Irizar USA is a 100 percent factory-owned distribution company. The establishment of Irizar USA is to show the firm commitment of the brand towards the U.S. market and to operate in a manner consistent with the guiding principles and core values of the Irizar brand: safety, reliability, aftersales service, cost of ownership, customization, passenger comfort and innovation.

The Irizar Group is dedicated to the commitment to remain close to their clients, adapting to their needs and always ensuring a high level of quality and service. The board members at Irizar, as well as the entire Irizar USA team, know that providing quality second to none and VIP, concierge level service at all times is key to a successful future in the market.

Irizar will continue its strategy of working very close to the customers, providing them with top quality products and services tailored to their needs, in order to position themselves in the U.S. market as a premium coach brand.

The range of products in the current catalog includes the 45-foot i6 motorcoach, which comes in two height versions, the standard and the SuperCargo version offering best-in-class storage capacity. The Irizar i6 motorcoach has a Cummins 12-liter engine and Allison B500 driveline and combines reliability, safety and profitability with service that can meet any requirements.

Irizar is very enthusiastic for the future of its brand in the U.S. market and with establishing Irizar USA to facilitate a sustainable position as a leader for this market. Continuing along the path of solidity and growth and engaging with those that are committed and enthusiastic about the brand, technology and sustainability.

Putting into practice Irizar’s brand strategy, which has been developed in recent years and is based on technology, sustainability and customer focus, is proving very fruitful and numerous value contributions to customers, passengers and society.

The service network is still in the process of expansion. Irizar service provides personalized solutions designed and created to provide the best: financing, repair and maintenance contracts and pick-up of your used vehicle. Having an integral repair ­service, tune-ups and maintenance with the maximum guarantee 24 hours a day 365 days a year is still a value that cannot be beaten.

Fuel is the major cost component for operators so Irizar makes very effort to reduce consumption and their generation of coaches offers the minimum TCO (total cost of ownership).

The most advanced technology is used in the coaches to enable exhaustive monitoring and cost and efficiency control that helps transport companies optimize the performance and profitability of every fleet.

Customers and society are provided high added value, state-of-the-art products and services that incorporate multiple pioneering technological solutions produced using knowledge from all the companies in the Irizar Group – technologies designed to solve the great challenges of the present and the future. With smart technology, profitable and cutting-edge solutions can be provided with constant updates to the built-in systems to respond effectively to the challenge of maximizing the service life of each vehicle consequently optimizing the value of your assets.

Customers are given close follow-up and advice that translate into optimization of vehicle reliability and availability. It includes integrated electronic management, Irizar connectivity, as well as fleet management solutions and remote diagnosis that result in a considerable reduction of consumption and emissions.

The spectacular design is one of the strengths of Irizar: the aerodynamics optimizes fuel consumption and confers prestige on its owners. At the same time, exceptional comfort for drivers, guides and passengers is offered guaranteeing an unforgettable experience.

Another Irizar maxim is the option for unlimited customization it offers to the market and to operators, which is undoubtedly a competitive advantage.

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