A History of Interstate Public Service Rail Operations


A History of Interstate Public Service Rail Operations

This book is organized by topic as opposed to chronological format. Major
sections cover Interstate’s component company histories; rights-of-way;
terminals; barns and freight houses along the line; information on
passenger and freight equipment; and details about its innovative safety
programs. A comprehensive corporate family tree follows the major changes
and helps to illustrate the evolution of the company. Content is not
limited solely to Interstate Public Service but has expanded coverage to
include both the predecessor and successor companies.

The appendix provides valuable information and statistics. Included is a
section offering data about Interstate’s predecessor companies. A detailed
track map provides mileages between sidings, stops, stations, etc.
Timetables, tickets and transfers are also included.

Hardbound with 272 pages, 428 photos, 42 maps and charts, 37 tickets and
tokens and 22 other illustrations.

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