REI Launches New Service to Streamline Data and Asset Management

Omaha-based REI is excited to announce the release of its new

ARMOR™ Cloud service to handle customers’ server management responsibilities. Intended for
use by small- and large-fleet transportation customers, ARMOR Cloud augments the list of
impressive features offered by REI’s ARMOR Software Suite; an all-in-one wireless solution for
fleet management.

“With ARMOR available in the cloud, we’ve made the adoption of these wireless technologies
even easier” says Dan Mancuso, REI’s software engineer manager. “Customers no longer need
to worry about managing servers, software updates or uptime. REI handles it all from our
headquarters. Traditionally, ARMOR is installed on customers’ on-premises servers and
managed by their respective IT staffs. Now, transportation companies of any size may reap the
benefits of ARMOR Cloud for remote ARMOR server management services.”

REI President Scott Hays adds, “REI is especially proud to be able to offer this service to small-
fleet companies. Many have very small IT staffs or no IT personnel at all. And the scalability and
management of ARMOR data and assets has the potential to inundate customers. By allowing
REI to maintain their fleet management software via ARMOR Cloud, they’ll realize substantial
savings in server management and IT asset needs.”

ARMOR Cloud’s remote server management option adds to the robustness of REI’s ARMOR
Software Suite. Among the Suite’s features: automatic downloading of event-specific video, alert
customization, vehicle tracking in real time, driver performance monitoring, and automatic stop-
arm violation reporting. The Suite is typically integrated with a digital video recorder, high-
definition color cameras and accessories to form a complete surveillance system.

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