Mail on the Move


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Mail on the Move is broken down into nine distinct sections, starting out
with the conception of mail service in the United States by means of
horses, stage coaches and wagons. Special attention is given to the
Butterfield Overland Mail Company, the Pony Express, and early day Star

Subsequent sections cover the movement of the mail over water, by rail,
and through the air. The shipping section focuses on steamships, Sea Post
Service, and shipwrecks, with extra attention given to the Titanic. The
railroad section covers mail “on the fly,” streetcar mail, train wrecks,
robberies, plus mail delivered by means of pneumatic tubes. The section on
aviation details the early years of airmail.

Movement of the mail by means of motorized vehicles encompasses the
majority of the remaining sections. A wide variety of vehicles, from the
automobiles to modern mail trucks.

Perfectbound with 224 pages and a total of 260 photos and

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