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2013-10_Stertil-KoniGuidePhotoStertil-Koni, recognized as the global market leader in heavy duty vehicle lifts, is the preferred supplier to the world’s leading organizations associated with bus and truck maintenance and service. The company’s breadth of products meets all ranges of lifting needs and includes mobile column lifts, two-post, four-post, in-ground piston lifts, platform lifts, half-scissors and its innovative axle-engaging, in-ground, scissor lift configuration, ECOLIFT. Stertil-Koni has also recently begun installing the innovative DIAMOND LIFT, a full-rise telescopic piston lift designed to set new standards in precision heavy duty lifting.

Most recently, Stertil-Koni has introduced FREEDOM LIFT, a new series of heavy-duty, hydraulic two-post lifts providing wheels-free access and delivering optimal performance, safety and durability. Four models are available, with lifting capacities of 16,000, 20,000, 26,000, and 30,000 pounds respectively. These lifts feature a telescopic assembly, swing arms with a wide range of usability and a footprint requiring no mechanical structure overhead. The result is a symmetrical open floor design that optimizes workspace in the shop and ensures optimal safety.

In addition to market leadership and product engineering, Stertil- Koni has also taken a leadership role in supporting municipalities and bus lines as a strive to contain cost and improve margins by going “green.” Two recent product introductions provide a good case in point. With the introduction of EARTHLIFT, Stertil-Koni brought to market the first hydraulic, green mobile column lift in the industry. Its columns are made with components that are 98
percent recyclable and the Active Energy Retrieval System (AERS) allows operators to achieve 35 percent more lifting cycles at maximum lifting load. What’s more, the on-screen display highlights the AERS system, enabling the operator to see savings in real-time. In the equally demanding world of in-ground lifting, Stertil-Koni pioneered with the introduction of the U.S. patented ECOLIFT, with lifting capacity up to 90,000 pounds. It is the industry’s original ultra-shallow, full-rise in-ground axle engaging lift. In addition, ECOLIFT uniquely combines high pressure, low volume hydraulics and only requires 3.5 gallons of fluid per scissor – and nothing is buried. This lift ensures sizeable cost savings on construction and installation and can be utilized in existing workshop pits and even at locations with high water tables.

Highlighting the company’s recent achievements, company president Jean DellAmore states, “Every day we are driven by three simple words: “Freedom of Choice.” We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality, most advanced and broadest range of vehicle lifts to solve all heavy-duty lifting needs.”

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