Beginner’s Guide To Converted Coaches


Beginner’s Guide To Converted Coaches


Converted coaches are a merger of a high quality highway or tour type bus
with a luxury or recreational vehicle type interior. This book answers the
typical questions asked by a novice and goes beyond that to address the
questions that should be asked before purchasing a coach or before
planning systems and an interior. Various chapters provide basic
information on shells, interior design, converted coach systems and
components, operations and maintenance. A list of popular or possible
alternatives are presented and their pros and cons discussed. Special
attention is given to underfloor systems. The basic intent is to guide the
novice around obvious problem areas, to provide information for designing
a coach that is more practical, to make coach operations more
understandable and safer and to introduce coach maintenance concepts.

Perfectbound, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2-inch size, 120 pages, more than 45 photos,
charts and diagrams and an introduction by Mike Gallagher, president of
the CCO.

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