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Introducing the New Temsa TS 45

One of the more exciting developments in the bus industry is the introduction of the new Temsa TS 45 by CH Bus Sales. In addition to a long and detailed development process involving American coach operators and coach engineers, this new model has the benefit of substantial testing and operator input. It rounds out the Temsa product line for CH Bus Sales and comes as Temsa moves up to being the second-largest coach importer based on sales. The new TS 45 will be introduced at the ABA Marketplace in January and at the UMA Motorcoach Expo in February.

Omer Sozutek, international relations and business development director at Temsa, mentions: “From our first entrance in the U.S. market we were determined to be one of the main coach brands in the USA and we’ve worked diligently towards our goal. We’ve been patient yet persistent in our approach to introduce quality coaches. The success we have achieved in the American market is a combined effort between Temsa and our exclusive U.S. distributor, CH Bus Sales. We are confident that our customers will be as pleased with the TS 45 as they have been with our mid-size coaches TS 30 and TS 35.”

The story behind the TS 45 starts shortly after the turn of the new century with an increase in smaller travel groups. While most of the coach manufacturers had built smaller-capacity coaches at one time, none remained on the market. Body-on-chassis buses were available, but many operators felt that they were appropriate for shuttle service and shorter runs but they lacked the suspension, passenger amenities, design and durability of the big coaches. The Temsa people in Turkey noticed this obvious gap in coaches available on the American market.

Temsa was founded by and is owned by Sabanci Holding, the second-largest conglomerate in Turkey. Sabanci owns 70 companies that employ approximately 57,500 employees. It also owns a bank and a university. Originally founded in 1968, Temsa got into bus production in the late 1980s. Today the company has a modern bus production facility in Adana, approximately 600 miles southeast of Istanbul and just a few miles north of the Mediterranean Sea.

Temsa had extensive experience building smaller coaches for use on the narrow streets of Europe and already had an extensive product line. They also had the advantage of having Wim Van Hool on their staff who brought the first Van Hool coaches to America. A reorganization at Van Hool prompted Temsa to invite Wim Van Hool to join their team where he has been managing the European market for them. Wim Van Hool said: “Ever since I have joined Temsa, I have been looking forward to the day of our TS 45 introduction.”

Temsa engineers Americanized one of their popular smaller coaches and offered the 35-foot TS 35 on the American market in 2008. A shorter 30-foot TS 30 coach was added in 2012. They were exactly what many coach operators were seeking. The short Temsa coaches were economical to purchase and economical to operate. Yet, they offered the same amenities and features for smaller groups as the big coaches. They held up well in service and had excellent durability since they were integral.

CH Bus Sales helped support the Temsa coaches with sales, service and parts. To say that the Temsa coaches were a success would be an understatement. There have been several operators who came back for second and third orders. Being pleased with sales, service and support from CH Bus Sales, several of the Temsa operators began asking for a full-size coach.

Planning for the TS 45

Temsa already had full-size, tried-and-true coaches in their product line. Their Safari model has been particularly popular in Europe. However, to their credit, Temsa decided to take their time and come up with a new model designed specifically for the American market and American operators.

Osman Dundar, R&D director for Temsa said: “The TS 45 is the culmination of a two-year project of planning, designing and testing. Temsa has put a lot of hard work and time on this coach and we are looking forward to the market feedback.” The TS 45 project started back in 2011 with the creation of a product committee of Temsa engineers, CH Bus Sales personnel and American coach operator customers who met to determine specifications and goals.

Based on the ideas that came from this meeting, an initial, fully operational prototype for the TS 45 was developed by Temsa. In November of 2012, the product committee met at the Temsa factory in Adana, Turkey to review this coach and make additional suggestions. Your NATIONAL BUS TRADER staff was also there and we saw several American operators in the group go through every inch of that prototype.

Tim Vaught, VP of sales, service and product development at CH Bus Sales, expressed his approval with the process. “To my amazement, Temsa implemented just about every suggestion that we gave them on our own first review of the product. The handling and drivability that is the hallmark of their products is apparent in this coach, including the turning radius which is really great.”

Marvin Borntrager, director of parts, technical and warranty at CH Bus Sales, mentioned: “It is always exciting to see a cooperative effort come together. The coach looks good and the componentry is very practical and functional.” Following months of product testing and further refinements, the product committee met again in October of 2013 to review the additional changes and improvements. Dan Shoup from Cardinal Buses in Middlebury, Indiana, is one of the industry operators on the CH Product Committee. He commented: “Temsa really listened to us. I was happy to be part of the CH/Temsa product committee. It was a great group effort.”

The new TS 45 will officially debut at the ABA Marketplace in Nashville in January and at the UMA Motorcoach Expo/Travel Exchange in Los Angeles in February. Duane Geiger, executive vice president of sales and service at CH Bus Sales, comments: “We are excited to be introducing our TS 45 in 2014 as this will give us the diversified product offering of 30-, 35- and 45-foot coaches that we have been planning since we entered the U.S. market with the Temsa. We showed the TS 45 to customers at a local showing in Orlando after the first of the year and will continue to debut this coach at the ABA Marketplace in 2014 in Nashville and UMA Expo/Travel Exchange 2014 in Los Angeles.” TS 45 demo coaches for regions will be available in April of 2014 and customer deliveries will start in July/August of 2014.

Specifications and Equipment

Specifications and dimensions on the TS 45 fall into the area most requested by American coach operators. It features full integral construction and stainless steel for durability and longevity. The TS 45 is 45 feet long, 102 inches wide and has a wheelbase of 310.8 inches. Normal passenger capacity is 57 plus a driver and restroom. Overall height is right around 11 feet six inches. This means that it will fit through a 12-foot door.

Included in the powertrain are a Cummins engine and an Allison transmission. The Cummins is an ISX producing 425 horsepower and is EPA 2013 compliant. The Allison B500 transmission has an optional retarder. You also get a Jake brake on the engine as standard.

All three axles come from ZF. The tag axle can be unloaded under certain conditions, to extend the service life of the tires and is steerable. This gives the TS 45 an impressive turning radius of 40.2 feet. The rear end ratio is 4.27. Alcoa Durabright aluminum wheels are included. Goodyear
315/80 R22.5 tires are included as standard and a spare is provided.

The electrical system is standard with two 140-amp alternators and two 12-volt batteries set up for 24 volts. The TS 45 uses a multiplex system, permitting the use of state-of-the-art electronics. Headlights and some of the other lighting is LED. Fuel tank capacity is 200 U.S. gallons and there also is a 15-gallon DEF tank.

Features for the driver include an Isri seat, a driver’s area defroster, cruise control and a central locking system for the outside compartments. Included with the HVAC system is a Bitzer 6-cylinder compressor and a full automatic convector system for the passenger compartment AC.

Interior height on the TS 45 is 75.8 inches. Passengers have the usual amenities at their seat locations including reading lights. Enclosed parcel racks are optional. The underfloor luggage capacity is 460 cubic feet without a wheelchair lift. In addition to the primary tank, there is an auxiliary holding tank for the restroom.

There is a huge list of safety features on the TS 45. Passengers and the driver get three-point seat belts, which have been standard on Temsas for years. From there the list continues with ABS plus ASR (ATC) brakes and also with ESC (Electronic Stability Control) plus RSC (Roll Stability Control), a lane departure warning system, a tire pressure monitoring system, an engine fire suppression system, an engine door open warning, a rear parking sensor and even a brake pad wear monitor and warning system. The TS 45 comes with a 30-month, 250,000-mile factory warranty.

The two official debut appearances for the TS 45 will include the ABA Marketplace in Nashville, Tennessee from January 11-15, 2014 and the UMA Motorcoach Expo/Travel Exchange in Los Angeles, California from February 16-20, 2014.

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