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Espar Climate Systems

2013-10_EsparGuidePhotoEspar Climate Systems offers choices in the marketplace from a wide variety of heater options to roof-top air conditioner units. Espar’s fuel-operated coolant heaters pre-heat the engine which provides a warm-engine start. Starting a warm engine results in less wear on parts and greatly reduces the need to idle the main engine. Idling the main engine wastes fuel, contributes to pollution, causes wear on parts, increases frequency of oil changes and preventative maintenance intervals. Espar makes idle reduction possible by providing “engine off” solutions to pre-heating.

Do you idle the bus for pre-heating before operating? How much fuel is going up in smoke? Can I stay within the local idle limit restrictions? Will I have a negative public image by creating smoke and noise? Your answers to these questions will help you determine your needs for idle reduction. When engine pre-heat or supplemental interior heat is required, Espar offers the following choices Espar Hydronic 5 which produces 17,000 BTU, Espar Hydronic M-12 which produces 42,000 BTU, or the Espar Hydronic LII which produces 122,000 BTU of heat. Depending on the climate and desire for additional warmth inside the bus, Espar offers a variety of choices that will take care of bus heating needs.

Espar now offers “upgrade to Espar” kits as easy “drop-in replacements” for original equipment. Espar is known for compact equipment that is powerful and rugged in design with favorable maintenance costs. Those customers who desire to update their existing heater to a more reliable and durable unit should consider the Espar units. Espar is very proud of the product support team which includes an in-house call center, in the field service and training, plus Web-based training and support.

Espar Climate Systems is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eberspächer which is a global provider of bus air conditioning systems, including North American distribution. Espar is pleased to offer support to customers and OEMs offering the Eberspächer Sütrak rooftop air conditioning systems. Espar is staffed with air conditioning service support and training with a significant parts inventory based at the corporate office in Mississauga, Ontario. Contact Espar at (800) 387-4800 and visit

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