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ACC Climate Control

ACC Climate Control, Inc., is a leader of innovative climate control solutions for the transportation industry. As a designer, manufacturer and installer of high-quality air conditioning products, ACC Climate Control maintains its leadership position with aggressive research, development and product improvement focused on providing their clients with highly reliable advance designs for their operational needs. […]

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Founded in 1934, Bitzer is a Germany-based manufacturer of refrigeration and air conditioning compressors and heat exchangers. Today, Bitzer has 14 production facilities and 27 subsidiaries around the world and approximately 3,000 employees. In the last nine years Bitzer has opened three production facilities in the U.S., two in Atlanta and in one in Syracuse, […]

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Espar Climate Systems

Espar Climate Systems offers choices in the marketplace from a wide variety of heater options to roof-top air conditioner units. Espar’s fuel-operated coolant heaters pre-heat the engine which provides a warm-engine start. Starting a warm engine results in less wear on parts and greatly reduces the need to idle the main engine. Idling the main […]

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