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2013-10_BitzerGuidePhotoFounded in 1934, Bitzer is a Germany-based manufacturer of refrigeration and air conditioning compressors and heat exchangers. Today, Bitzer has 14 production facilities and 27 subsidiaries around the world and approximately 3,000 employees. In the last nine years Bitzer has opened three production facilities in the U.S., two in Atlanta and in one in Syracuse, New York.

Bitzer compressors have become market leading products in varying markets around the world including supermarket refrigeration systems, low temperature test chambers and commercial air conditioning to name a few. One market where Bitzer is thriving is in bus and coach air conditioning compressors. Bitzer is producing more than 60,000 compressors annually for buses and coaches around the world, making them the most popular choice in this market.

The combination of German engineering, local manufacturing and customer-focused support has attributed to Bitzer’s success in the global coach and bus markets. This strategy has served well in North America as Bitzer’s compressors have become the American and Canadian coach market’s leading brand. Bitzer’s Atlanta area plant has been producing bus air conditioning compressors since 2006.

Several “coach-friendly” design features have contributed to making the Bitzer bus A/C compressors the preferred air conditioning compressor. The first two features become quickly apparent to any production worker or bus technician who has lifted and/or installed a Bitzer – the size and weight. Taking up about 30 percent less space and almost 70 pounds lighter than previous models, these compressors have become a necessary component in today’s crowded engine compartments and are preferred by today’s weight-conscious coach and bus designers. Bitzer accomplishes this dramatic weight and size reduction by using lightweight cast aluminum bodies and surface-hardened carbon steel crankshafts.

This weight and space savings in no way sacrifices performance or quality. Both are achieved while simultaneously increasing the air conditioning capacity of the coach’s compressor. Through the use of large piston bores, advanced bearing systems and the industry’s widest allowable speed range, the larger capacity of the Bitzer compressor allows the air conditioning system designer the freedom to expand the system capacity by upward of 25 percent more than previous compressors. This is important not only to keep today’s coach passengers cool and comfortable but tomorrow’s passengers as well.

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